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The Best Way to Own a Second Home

Co-ownership That Just Works

We make it simple and affordable to own a fantastic second home. Read on to learn how we do it.

How Ownership Works

We bring together like-minded owners to co-own a beautiful second home. We set-up an LLC which owns the home. Up to 8-Co-owners purchase shares in the LLC for real underlying co-ownership of the property. Beso then handles all upkeep, maintance, and the usual headaches. Scheduling is done through our home owner app, so all you do is enjoy your home during your stays.

Kiss Ownership Headaches Goodbye!

Beso handles coordination of all maintenance, cleaning, and furnishing. When you purchase shares in a Beso home, you get access to our owner app where you can schedule your stays and see everything you need to know about your home. There are costs associated with owning a second home, such as taxes, cleaning, maintenance. Beso passes those costs on directly to the owners with zero mark-up. As an owner, you get access to as much (or as little) detail about your home as you want.

Beso is Affordable

Rather than purchase 100% of an inferior home. You can purchase a percentage of a stunning home. INSERT TABLE SHOWCASING THIS BELOW.

Beso Is Simple

Beso's owner's app is designed to be extremely simple to use. Scheduling, home reports, payments: it's all done right from the app! Beso provides a concierge service to all home owners to handle questions and concerns.

Beso Protection

Through the limited liability company, Beso protects all owners from any legal liability. ADD RELEVANT IMAGE.

Not A Timeshare

With Beso, you own a home, not days of time. You book your stays throughout the year. Your life situation channges? You simply sell your shares in partnership with local real estate agents. Best of all, you set your own price, just as if you owned the entire home!

Be Part of a Community

Discover your favorite shops and spots. Get on a first name basis with your neighbors and shop owners. As a Beso home owner, you're part of a local community, making life-long memories with old and new friends.


Own A Lifetime of Memories

Beso is thrilled to help you make owning a second home a reality!

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We Buy Fantastic Homes at Top Dollar Prices

If your home fits our criteria as a Beso home, we pay you a premium to purchase your home. The best part is that you can retain partial ownership and continue to make memories without incurring all of the costs and headaches of owning the home.

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